Housing / Colocation

Connect to our 100% redundant PowerHost network; professional data center infrastructure. Connectivity 10GBit x 4 ISP + 2 International Gbit.

Redundant Connectivity

National Connectivity 4 ISPx10Gbit and international connectivity 2 Gbit redundancy with dynamic load balancing and connection to IXP worldwide.

24/7 Support

NON STOP Real support 24/7. Personalized assistance at all times. Monitored connectivity and permanent alarms.


Access to expedited views to see your servers or work. Work spaces and an exclusive Coworking space with your housing service.

Housing Service per Server

Monthly value from
Housing 1U 3,2 UF + IVA
Housing 2U 4,0 UF + IVA
Housing 3U 4,2 UF + IVA
Housing 4U 4,7 UF + IVA

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National Link per server 100 national mbps / (Shared) 40Gbit
International Link per server 10 mbps / 2Gbit (Shared)
Public IP incluided 1 per server
Power density up to 750w per server
UPS centralizadas N2

Get more space for your TELCO servers and equipment.

Accommodation from half a rack to a full rack.

Half a Rack Full Rack
Ocupation 20U 40U
National Connectivity 100 mbps 200 mbps
International Connectivity 20 mbps 40 mbps
Amperes 8 16
From 29,6 UF 58,5 UF


Total shared national connectivity of 40 redundant Gigabits, and international connectivity of 2 Gigabits / 100x10 exclusive Mbps per server.


UPS (SAI) system configuration N2 +Interconnected TIER generator sets. Double internal energy line per rack.

Climate Control

Precision equipment and water chiller + free cooling, electronically controlled and configured in N2.

Connect to the network with less lag

Host your server in our data center, get more security with redundant links, lower lag and protection against power outages and climate problems.