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Powerhost HyperConnect

More than just a data center; we’re a hyper connectivity HUB linked to the main traffic exchange points in the world. The first all-inclusive, all-services data center with direct connection via seabone to New York. PowerHost has its own IXP, AmericaIX, the first interconnected traffic exchange point interconnected to the main international IXPs linking Chile with North America, Europe and Asia.

Access to an ecosystem interconnection with the world's leading IXPs

Network access with the best and most efficient ISP connectivity providers.

High performance world class connectivity brings content closer to your services.

National and international redundancies that ensure optimal operational continuity.

Cross Connect

Meet-Me-Room with direct interconnection to other ISPs of the ecosystem via layer 1 amongst any of the PowerHost facilities in Santiago- New York-Amsterdam and Moscow allows a stable and secure connectivity for a variety of needs, optimizes access to the cloud and traffic exchange with the network service providers. This service is delivered by physical means to ensure the highest quality in interconnection.

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Metro Connect

Metro Connect PowerHost with point-to-point connectivity between facilities within the same metropolitan area, provides the possibility of linking multiple implementations and reaching different data centers and customer facilities, with a direct connection as if the entire ecosystem were in one place. This service can be delivered via layer 1 or layer 2 with multiple protection options.

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Internet Exchange

PowerHost relies on its own IXP interconnecting Santiago with New York and the rest of the world. We are the first international IXP in Chile that delivers not just local but worldwide content to our members. AmericaIX is in the implementation phase and is open to all providers that wish to interconnect.

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