A platform designed for global interconnection

From the USA to Chile and to the rest of the world. We have one of the most extensive interconnectivity networks. PowerHost is the platform that will expand your services within new markets. We provide access to the main fiber, ISP, and IXP operators to allow a better customer experience.

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Powerful Ecosystem

United, close and working in tandem with the largest and best global connectivity and infrastructure providers, we ensure high security standards. We combine all the fundamental technological criteria for the success of a business under a truly powerful ecosystem.

Internet Exchange Point

More than a network of interconnected data centers, we are also an IXP designed to bring and deliver the main contents from USA-Europe and Asia to Chile, through a traffic exchange with different ISPs, significantly improving the connectivity experience, reducing lag and international connectivity costs.




Sao Paulo

New York

Datacenter Services


Virtual VPS Servers with Enterprise storage SSD. High performance VPS, computing and superior IO.

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Cloud VPS

The virtual servers in high availability by EMC VNX Cloud VPS, are the most advanced and robust virtual solution in the cloud.

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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are recognized on a national level for their speed, robustness and high connectivity. Go ahead. Customize it.

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Housing - Colocation

Protect your asset. We host servers in a specially designed environment, with premium support and with one of the largest networks in the country.

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Virtual Data Center

A Cloud infrastructure designed to obtain a complete virtual data center with exclusive resources for multiple instances and total autonomy.

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Cross Connect

Direct interconnection between clients hosted in PowerHost and different ISPs via point-to-point cable for a faster integration into the ecosystem.

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IXP Content

Connect to AmericaIX and reduce international and local lag, thereby bringing content closer to your customers, and significantly improving the connectivity experience.

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Select the Best Data Center Solution

We believe that the basic principle for hosting web and business applications begins with a robust infrastructure and efficient support. PowerHost helps to boost your IT infrastructure and expand your business. We take care of your hosting needs by allowing you to focus on what is important: YOUR BUSINESS


We deliver customized data center services that fit the various needs of your company.


We have a dedicated team of engineers who are available to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We have one of the most advanced data centers in the tech industry. We pay close attention to every detail such as network architecture, connectivity, energy backup and redundant climate control systems.


We constantly invest in technology which is the basis of our growth. We provide not only quality hardware, but also a high value data center service as well.

Full transparency. Come visit our facilities and assess our service quality for yourselves.